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420Uk Silver bullet Simon Dudley - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013

The truth about legal highs, still a danger!

On may the 4th express and star kindly agreed to do an article with me on page 4 to give a bit more of a voice behind the message...

My friend sunny,  manager of Suit, along with his well trained and coordinated tram,  runs in my opinion the best service for drug and alcohol recovery in Wolverhampton also offering courses and events.  See Suit mbe facebook/twitter

Introduction to interviews with the homeless in Wolverhampton on the synthetic legal high situation

1st interview with the homeless on the situation in Wolverhampton,  it sadly still hasn't changed

Sadly,  after many months of different campains throughout Wolverhampton,  situations have not changed,  and need to be sorted out before any more people get put in this situation,  walk for a moment in their shoes by watching these interviews.

The second interview in Wolverhampton on the homeless problem and the legal high problem in 2016