420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013

420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013


Cannabis uses and the many healing benefits , reviews and recipes

The uses for hemp,  the future of skincare and medicine -  Simon Dudley 19th November 2016

After mistakingly using legal highs and many pharmaceuticals including tramadol,  amatriptoline,  co,  codermol,  codine,  hydrdo codine and a few other pills that the dr's had eagerly thrown my way for the previous 10yrs before I moved down south because I have a degenerative spine and the dr actualy advised me to get some fresh air,  away from the town,  so I moved to Torquay , 3 years ago,  after my heart stopped,  when I took legal highs (all of them)  that I started cataloging (see legal highs pages) to get them gone, I started smoking Cannabis again and making cakes butter,  biscuits and oil I made from water and Cannabis For the recovery of neurological function, heart,  vascular and lung capacity, recovery from muscle wasting and apatite and it worked

Our 3rd episode of 420 Wolverhampton Uk T.V 20th November 2016,  outlining ways to fix your economy and Infrastructure,  addressing our policies

2018 product range, to combat the effects of p.t.s.d,  a.d.h.t,  depression,  sleep disorders,  pain relief,  seizure control,  anorexia,  vascular relaxant, and many more enjoy!!!

A review of the highest strength cbd drip verses my own cannabis vape liquid,  a quite mild one,  see how they both do.

Reviewing celito and cubis tanks for vaporising

A nice medicated omlet, both tasty and good for you

Training technique and weight control with my brother David Dudley, incredible health benefits

My green challenge,  organic plant food -  ingredients and the latest on the legendary white widow from greenhouse seeds

420 Wolverhampton....  Organic plant food and the growth of heathy crops including beautiful sweet tomatoes.

27th July 2016, lets talk about morality across social media

The homeless situation in Wolverhampton as of the 1st November 2016,  from the perspective of 2 of the homeless in Wolverhampton

I really do love a nice sunset.