420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013

420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013


420 uk natural cannabis oils 

About myself

First of all, about myself, currently i'm 49, male, sadly after a brush with the law and courts, even after providing 18 testimonials from people who I'd helped and case was dismissed the judge said that I should not continue, so, until 6 years ago I made a variety of cannabis oils to help people with their various health issues, below are a few of these along with some background information and my motivation to help others.

In the 90s just after leaving school my career's teacher got me into a y.t.s for Dudley council at coseley swimming pool, through the next six years I advanced to being a lifeguard, swimming teacher and gym coach at swimming pools across Dudley, Wolverhampton, and Walsall council.

After that I worked in factories, warehousing, mobile care and adults with learning difficulties for a few years, at the old Walsall college extra wise centre, palfrey community centre working coordinating events and the duke of Edinburgh award in the evenings,  randomly after working at a car accessory shop I met someone who was a activity instructor, I applied and got the job, so for the next year I was a kids activities instructor at Kingswood in Wolverhampton, then Isle of Wight before coming back to the Midlands for work again as a lifeguard for a few months and car park security at bloxwich baths, then got a job with my friend who worked at a security company, over the next year I did 24 and 48hr shifts, this as you can imagine was tiring, so I applied for a job as a neighborhood warden, which I enjoyed helping the community, sadly the scheme ended, I went back to looking for a job in care, this was to be my last job for quite a few years as I jolted my back which made a back injury worse which I'd got a year earlier from being assaulted, a little while after I moved to Torquay for a healthy lifestyle

Do I smoke cannabis, yes, since my mid twenties I've been enjoying the therapeutic relaxation that you get from smoking and consuming it, vaping it, and cooking with it, when I found myself in moving to Torquay in 2013 I met a few new friends and started to work at a head shop in Torquay then Exeter, my friend Nathan who was running the shop for the man who owned it told me that his cancer had returned for the second time, the first time, he was sure that the pure joints, good diet and exercise fended it off and was now looking at a man called Rick Simpson and his research into cannabis oil, so, likewise I did the same, after a few months of pretty much constant research into anything, and everything I could get hold of:- recipe's, old and new research, charts, I started making oils and butter's from the bud that I'd learned to grow, not Rick Simpson oil, but strong enough, all this after recovering from legal highs, which were readily available at the shop, not a nice time at all, but doing worthwhile research whilst helping my friend, helped me too

My main focus is for decriminalisation, so that people can grow their own for either medical or recreational purposes, it's the safest recreational substance, which still provides some medical value while smoked.

The oldest and most versatile medicine should not be controlled by any private or government monopoly as they are at the moment, all they see is money, health should be our governments main concern.

Treating Parkinson's with THC oil:-

First thoughts: 

Love the bottle. My Parkie hands find dropper bottles and syringes tricky. But this little squeeze bottle is perfect, a treat to use.

Second, I love the taste. Hint of hash, but some lovely flavours surrounding it. And no throat burn, which is so often found with oils.

Third, the potency is way better than most. Will test dose levels over the weekend. Last night 3 drops helped sleep depth and my morning Parkie Hell is much reduced.

So I haven't waked and baked. Thought I'd really test it. Four drops sub lingual first thing. The result is good. I measure efficacy by how much I feel a need to vape, after consuming orally. Suffice to say, I am now about to vape , but some four hours after rising. 

This is very unusual. I would expect my symptoms to require the vape within a whisker of getting up.

But I have only loaded the vape and left it to go grab some breakfast.....

WAIT! Breakfast?? Holy Moses' blessed beard, I am Hungry!! In fact, I am fookin starving!

Am usually nauseated to heck first thing!!

Weekends looking more like, now!

Yep, it's a tasty vape too. I start pulling rips at 160, but have it set for 210. Smooth all the way on the throat, first few hits are expansive in the lungs. Love a good explosion!! 😎😁🧙🏻‍♂️⚓💚

Cheers man!

Martin Brown, Basingstoke


Thanks simon, my stepdad had a clear scan last week, there saying the cancer has all gone, we are still keeping him on the oil for now tho but I want to thank you for all your help with it. As a family we are grateful for all help and advice.

Kattie - Wrexham

29th march 2019

as I'm also with terminal cancer it shrunk my lung tumours my consultant said they had shrunk significantly also spread to my bones but no change there I have been what's classed as stable for 14months now only said I had 12 to 18 months left feel absolutely great went from 7 stone to now I'm 10st 8lb not bad going for someone whose dying if it wasn't for the oil I would not be here now Simon has also helped me to live xx

Alison S 27th July 2019

I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver, oesophageal and stomach cancer on February 14th. 2017 and given 3 to 11 months. I had 8 sessions of EOX chemotherapy and with that and the oil from Simon Dudley the liver cancer went and the others shrunk by 50% ok my oesophagus is narrowing again but I’m having a stent put in for that. I’m positive it’s through Simon’s help I’ve survived this long. I don’t know what I’m going to do without his help.

Linda Dudley July 29th 2019

Shrunk the tumour in my throat as well! It can now be removed without making to much mess of my throat. Just waiting on my appointment :) x

Trinity R 28 July 2019

Fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, siezure and cancer testimonials

My Husband and I both have long-term disabilities and suffer from a lot of pain. I have

Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Epilepsy. My Husband has chronic pain and arthritis from

a serious accident some years ago.

Over the years we have both frequently visited GPs and specialists hoping for an effective

drug regime for our conditions to no avail. The painkillers and other medications just make you feel so tired, sick and weak without really sorting out the problems you have.

Painkillers just mask the pain; they don't fix the problems.

My form of Epilepsy is called N.E.A.D. which is non-electrical. Nothing really helps reduce the number or severity of the seizures. They only slow me down and make it hard to do every day tasks.

As you can imagine, we both struggle with life and will try almost anything to find relief. We were given CBD oil and coconut oil based CBD to try and have both found it to be highly effective in treating my husband's pain and my own. It also helps me sleep and has reduced my N.E.A.D. and Fibromyalgia to a level that I can cope with finally. It improves mood, reduces anxiety and helps our joints move easier. We have since kept using the CBD medicine and fully intend to continue so that we can feel better.

Thank You for being the opportunity to try this amazing, 100% natural treatment. We think everyone should give it a go and we tell all our friends.

Carrie - Wolverhampton

Hi Simon just an update, as discussed last time the tumours had shrank a lot and all chemo was stopped and she went in for op to remove bowel today and once they opened her up they said the scan underestimated things and they didn't even land up removing it . My only explanation can be the oil has obv reduced the cancer In this area as since the scan that is all she has been on since last discussed things with you

Docs seemed baffled as to where the tumours had gone!, we are grateful for all help and advice. 

Daniel - Aberdeen

Glaucoma and restless limbs 

Hi simon, i would like you to use this as a testimonial. I have glaucoma and have extremely high eye pressure i have had surgery a total of 5 times i have had the surgery done 3 times in my left eye which is now the max they can do without seriously damaging the eye. I have lost 47% of my vision in my left eye and my right eyes the same had surgey twice and have lost 45% of my visual field in that eye also. I have 0 peripheral vision and suffer from severe migraines that can only be described as sticking my head in a vice and having my skull crushed. I use CBD oil as it helps to relax me and when im relaxed that helps reduce my eye pressure therefore i can function better as i dont have that constant build of of pressure. I also have fibromyalgia, although its rare in men i have been living with it for about 6 years now. All day everyday. My muscles are contantly having spasms, in constant agony and i feel like my muscles are on fire. Again the CBD oil is used to help this, the CBD oil helps ease and relax the muscles meaning when i go to bed i dont have the usual restless legs and constant twitching. The CBD oil that i get from Simon, does more for me than any drug provided from the NHS its also given me a lease of life again as i was badly depressed and always in pain. The CBD oil has helped me turn my life around and this would not have been possible without the help of Simon Dudley. Thanks for reading this. Mark Given, provide them with my mailing details if you want brother. I stay some distance away but i can still fight your corner. I hope this helps in some sort of way. Alot of people have your back Simon👌

Mark Given - Scotland

Chrones, stomach ulcers, eating problems,  severe pain relief, anxiety,  depression and insomnia.

I wish to thank Simon Dudley so much for helping me with my condition. Before taking the oil I was on tablets all the time painkillers lost weight couldn't eat couldn't tolerate any fat at all so was limited to wat could eat every day.since taking this product I have been a new person no tablets now an painkillers an can even eat things never thought would again and put weight back on so once again thank you Simon Dudley for giving me a better quality of life x

Vicki Daly - west Midlands

Hi simon

Please use my testimonial. I suffer from Crohns disease, severe stomach ulcers, depression, anxiety, insomnia and pain from arthritis. I use cannabis to help control my symptoms because I am unable to take any prescribed medications from a doctor because they caused an addiction and nearly killed me. I am 50 years old now, and solely rely on cannabis for relief from my conditions. With your cannabis oils I was able to keep all my symptoms under control, and I thank you. You are a blessing 💚💚💚💚💚💚

Sarani Jones - Yorkshire

Simon Dudleys oils definitely helping me and my Lovely cousin Linda Dudley to prolong her life As She has terminal oesophageal cancer. she is (Not a Relative to Simon Dudley just same surname) and as for myself with taking the oils my diabetes blood readings this time were as a none diabetic COPD I feel at ease with my anxiety which helps my breathing as I can relax and also sleep much better and able to cope more then I have for the last three years Mr Simon Dudley is the kindest and honest caring man and will always get back to you when asked questions I trust him 100% Doreen Abbott. - London U.K


I have been using Simons feco coconut oil for my joint pains for almost 2 years now and also for my eczema flare ups. I suffer from pains from a motorcycle accident I had many years ago and nothing has eased the pain as much as the oil from Simon. It has reduced the amount of time I have had off sick greatly. Since taking it for my dry skin eczema I have not had to have any time off sick due to it’s fast healing properties.

G.S - West Midlands

Sleeping problems 

It's scandalous, it really is. Thank you for helping me, I've been sleeping much more regularly and feel like a different person without the unwanted all-nighters. 

Thanks again Simon

Chris - Sheffield

DISCLAIMER -, Dr is a nickname, I am not a medical practitioner, never have been,and do not hold a p.h.d and never claimed to have (or need) one

There's 1 plant, that is illegal at the moment, but do you know, that it could save millions treating illnesses, did you know the stalks can be used to replace plastics and reinforce buildings, and make biofuel for your car, also did you know decriminalisation of cannabis would not only save the economy, improve the health and well-being of millions, free up jails for the serious crimes and go a long way to improving our environment, surely that should be a policy that you want to back?, it seems to me that the government, along with gw pharmaceuticals, who have patents on all of the plans compounds are knowingly and begrudgingly keeping the use from the public that it is supposed to serve


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Thursday 17th November 2016,  I have been campaigning for health and human rights for the past few years now,  in that time and studying the previous mistakes of governments inability to do what we ask,  what we pay their wages for,  so I joined the green party and other ethical organisations so I could best be in a position to change things for you