420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013

420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013


Exposing governments and businesses destuctive practices

Exposing the U.k government's lies about Fracking,  a substrate crumbling,  water and environmental destroying practice

Fracking is the process of drilling deep into the earth and injecting thousands of gallons of valuable,  clean water,  along with a toxic chemical mix at high pressures to fracture bedrock that has formed over millions of years,  releasing a toxic chemical water mix that seeps into land,  infecting the crops,  and being spilt/dumped into our water supplies (All water is connected) knock on affects are,  poisoning of fish and marine life,  mosquitoes born in stagnant chemical infected ground water spread the zika and other infectious diseases,  full health conertations have not yet been seen,  fracking industries need to shut down perminatly

Plague,  pestilence and famines,  sponsored by companies like Monsanto, Bayer and syngenta,  how long will this be aloud to continue,  major International companies along with big pharmaceutical companies are causing tens of thousands of deaths,  genetic imbalance and disease per country per year.

Top ten most dangerous chemicals from monosanto pt2 including monosanto's dirty little secret

Another major risk to the environment,  deep sea mining,  weather it's taping of hydrogen vents,  destroying coral or mining the precious materials that make up our planet.

How transcanada are trying to sue the american government so it can continue to destroy our precious environment

Environmental policy put forward on 28th August 2016

The trillion pound environmental,  infrastructure and health solutions

And they put this in the water and toothpastes,  this particular nasty chemical coats our seribral contex,  inhibiting our thought processes,  links to autism,  this chemical should have been banned by c.o.s.s.h years ago.

Exhaust emissions have been now proven to cause lung and heart,  digestive and circulation problems,  with  climate control units switching off below 18c,  pushing vehicle emissions to 4.6times the maximum (not safe)  amount,  various parts of the world have seen the affects from emissions,  both factory and vehicles,  time for solar,  electric cars,  why?  To stop people from dying,  duty of care people!

Contamination in our food,  atmosphere and water are responsible for degradation of our genes,  causing the problems in health that we see in the world today.

Re-writing medical history,  many millions of people have been healed of heath conditions that so called specialist say have 'no chance'  of survival,  with cannabis organic medicine you have the best CHANCE on earth to recover your body to a state before your illness,  you always have a CHOICE to CHANGE your life and wellbeing for the better.. peace

A biodegradable plastic that fully degrades from between 2 months and 24 months depending on the thickness of the plastic when exposed to sunlight and air,  a possible solution to supermarkets non degrading plastic bags not to mention the waste in dumping grounds,  replacing some packaging.

We created groups set up to share technology surrounding hemp along with medical and scientific studies surrounding the cannabis plant. Because government repeatedly lets people down with empty promises,