420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013

420Uk endocannabinoid research and development - founder 420 Wolverhampton Uk. September 2013


mission statement, cannabis and environmental policy, Interviews and more

How to make your own Full Extract Cannabis Oil, from start to finished product with a little health talk

A quick video on how to extract Full Extract Cannabis Oil in coconut oil, with T.H.C and C.B.D vape and dripping liquid and a short talk about the health benefits of both

Changing perceptions away from pharmaceutical to natural medicine,  everyone's choice

420 Wolverhampton. Delta 9 tetrahydrocannbioid talk,  covering Alzheimer's

       Endocanaboid chart,  every compound corresponds to tc1 and tc2,  cb1 and cb2 receptor sites found in most cells of the human body,  actually anything with a spine...

A quick experiment in how not to do full extract cannabis oil

  environmental policy and mission statement for ethical and responsible consumption,  sales,  and education

Lets talk about the difference between drugs and Cannabis legality and morality,  too many deaths and imprisonment over a healing plant,  while they prescribe opiates and morphine?  That are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths per year,  for big pharmaceutical companies profit.

The coverups surrounding cancers,  go back a long way,  stretching continents,  seed companies that promote genetically modified crops degrade our genes causing diseases such as crohn's and celiac.

Companies such as Monsanto and Bayer produce toxic products such as p.c.b's and roundup, these chemicals soak into our crops,  which causes a multitude of health problems.

Oil and fracking companies waste toxins including all petrol and diesel,  toxins run off waste products from frack sites cause cancer,  heart and lung problems.

Chevron has been caught selling toxic water(waste)  to farmers in California,  whilst oil,  pharmaceutical companies and arms manufacturers are financing wars though the I. M. F which then loans nations trillions to pay for the rebuild,  charging extortionate interest which no one can or should pay.

Pharmaceutical tablets and their use and abuse cause many side effects,  including circulation problems,  heart,  liver,  bladder weaknesses, tumor growth, pancreas and liver problems

The medical benefits of Cannabis is worldwide knowledge,  but here I outline some of the many other uses of this versatile plant.

our visit to Eddie stobart, we found out that they were supplying logistical support (lorries) to cuadrilla's fracking sites